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Getting ready for appraisal

Your Realtor Marti Jordan is always available for free estimates and advices when you are looking for selling your wonderful home in Friendly Hills Whittier and surrounding areas.

Friendly Hills area has it’s own challenges and advantages that Realtor Marti Jordan know all about. Here are a few tips when you are getting ready for the appraiser.

1) Be friendly
While it is clearly not so a appraiser should give your Friendly Hills home a better evaluation just because he/she likes you, Realtor Marti Jordan points out that the appraiser is human and can be influenced. If it is a hot day in Friendly Hills then offer some cold water.

2) Make a list of all the positive things with your home
While the appraiser for your Friendly Hills home should be neutral and not influenced by you, Marti Jordans experience is that it does make the appraisers job easier, by your note pointing out elements that can increase or heighten the value. Have a list that you can place on the table and let the appraiser know about it. Marti Jordan warn though, that the list might still be there in your wonderful Friendly Hills home after the appraiser’s visit, since he/she really shouldn’t be influenced by you.

3) Interior
The appraiser will be looking for your homes quality, condition, damages and defects in your Friendly Hills home. So go through each room and do at least the most obvious repairs so the home looks well taken care of. Realtor Marti Jordan will be happy to advice you of the most needed fixes needed. The appraiser gives the home a grade according how well maintained it is, and you want as good a grade as you can get.

Use the top producing Realtor for Friendly Hills, Marti jordan