How to increase your home value in Friendly Hills Whittier

Congratulations, you want to sell your home in Friendly Hills. Here are a few advices from Marti Jordan’s many years as a Realtor in Friendly Hills and Whittier. You can reduce your home value with thousands of dollars if you don’t do following. Should you chose Marti Jordan as your Real Estate Agent and Realtor in Friendly Hills then she will naturally guide you though the process of getting top dollars for your home. Okay here are a few: 

-First sight need to be as pristine as possible. So ensure entrance look as good as it get … all the way to the street 

-By just updating your kitchen faucet you can say the kitchen has been updated this without spending thousands of dollars. 

-Messy house can cost you 10% value 

-Change that old big bulky TV with a flat screen … they can cost less than $400. And gives the impression of a well kept Friendly Hills home. 

-If your carpet can look clean without stains after a professional cleaning then don’t hide it under smaller carpets. This can indicate you are hiding something. Though sometimes that can be needed. 

-Out with all those excess furniture’s. We want your rooms to look as grand as possible 

-All things in the home should give an impression of a well kept home … which is expected from a home in Friendly Hills  

Stay tuned for more advices and tips & tricks when you want to sell your home in Friendly Hills Whittier. Marti Jordan is the Realtor for you